It's Time to get your Certificate

Do you want to improve your company’s BIM capabilities ?
Inline with the requirement of the ISO 19650 certification, we are here to help you

Guidance for: ISO 19650 Business Systems Certification:
This scheme is for businesses (termed ‘organizations’ in ISO 19650) wishing to demonstrate that they are fulfilling the requirements of Information Management using Building information modelling as defined in ISO 19650:

  •  ISO 19650-1 : 2018 – Part 1 : Concepts and principles.
  •  ISO 19650-2 : 2018 – Part 2 : Delivery phase of the assets

We will determine and assess the required BIM roles to be fulfilled by the business. These include:

  • Appointing Party
  • Lead Appointed Party
  • Task Teams(Appointed Party)

Stepped Certification Process

Certification of businesses includes two steps :

ISO 19650 BIM Prepared Certification

Step-1: Certification Process for ISO 19650 BIM Prepared Certification

ISO 19650 BIM Prepared Certification, businesses shall provide evidence which demonstrates they have the documented processes in place that would result in project delivery compliant with the requirements of ISO 19650

ISO 19650 BIM Business Certification

Step-2: ISO 19650 BIM Certification Scheme for

ISO 19650 BIM Certification Scheme for Businesses, businesses shall have their quality management system certificated to ISO 9001:2015 by a certification body accredited by a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Step 1: ISO 19650 BIM Prepared Certification, and through an onsite audit, provide evidence for the delivery of ISO 19650 compliant services, on a live project, for the relevant Certification Profiles

Why apply for BIM Business Systems Certification?
  • Removes the requirement for the employer to carry out a BIM capability assessment
  • Demonstrates BIM according to ISO 19650
  • Speeds up the tendering process, saving businesses time & money
  • Helps your company stand out from the competition, showing you are ready for business
The Certification covers the following areas:
  • Company BIM skills / training Record.
  • Software Tools – I.T. Strategy and Infrastructure.
  • Compliance with ISO 19650 Standards, Processes & Procedures.
  • CAD / BIM Documentation confirming the above.
  • Compliance with PAS91-2013.Review of project case studies
ISO 9001 Certification is a scheme requirement.
What are the benefits?
Through the use of Building Information Modelling and BIM certification, the following key benefits can be gained:
  • Faster and efficient processes
  • Increased productivity and speeds up delivery
  • Reduced uncertainty
  • Controlled whole-life costs and environmental data
  • Avoidance of rework costs
  • Improved safety
  • Opportunity to secure International Government contracts and meet BIM Level 2
  • Reduced on-site waste
  • Prevention of errors
BIM Benefits