BIM for

As-Built BIM Modelling

We at hyatt consultants have relevant expertise in the field of as built BIM modelling through both the procedures, laser scanning as well as red markup drawings

Laser Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM is an evolutionary technology which is changing the way construction design and planning is being design for already made structures

Facility Management

Integrating BIM with facilities management software systems is the holy grail in terms of better quality and standardised data

The ever-expanding use of BIM
process for design, analysis, construction planning, 4D coordination, and other construction phases provides a humongous resource full of valuable information which can be employed by the facility managers to manage and maintain the building throughout the lifecycle of the structure. The information contained in the model can support day-to-day operations and planning needed to ensure that the facility operates at the highest efficiency achievable.

Creating an accurate as-built designrequires updates from all the participants and stakeholders of the constructionprocess. Post construction, the as-built BIM data can be used for managing security, safety, maintenance and renovation purposes. Dimensions, materials and specifications of all components can be accessed through the application.The point cloud is also an option to make to the as-built BIM model.Since the physical and functional characteristics of a building are digitally represented through BIM, this information can be used for management throughout the lifecycle, from conception to demolition. The use of a 3D model along with complete information brings in the possibility of handling further repairs and renovations, leading to hassle-free maintenance